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creatures-fight Free game of fighting creatures with gifts to win! Collect creatures, equip your sorcerer and fight other players to become the best fighter. Join the world of Creatures-Fight!
version-pc 誰說鳥兒才會飛?Niko獸要一口氣打破地心吸引和進化論兩個定理,成為動物界的頂端,萬眾矚目的新物種!要違反大自然的挑戰,Niko獸需要大家的協助,盡量令牠不停的進食森林內的水果吧!吃得越多,Niko獸飛得越高,Niko獸的成敗,就由你來決定!Who said only birds can fly? Niko is determined to challeng [...]
maze-buster Maze Buster! Make your way through a multi level maze adventure! Use your mouse to make your way through the maze. Checkpoint every 2 levels.
585 You are attacked by a horde of monsters from underworld. You will have to gather resources to create and upgrade units and defend your country.
bomber-girl this is a classical bomber game ,use UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT EKY move player,X key plant a game,C key control a bomb explode 经典的炸弹人游戏.方向键移动角色,enter键暂停游戏,X键放炸弹,C键控制炸弹爆炸 this is a classic [...]
escape-from-cheops You are trapped in the Pyramid Cheops. Your only way out is to solve the ancient Egyptian puzzles. Firstly the floor sections rise in front of you and you must push them back in th [...]
sea-quiz Smart enough for exploring? We’ll see. Roll the dice and answer questions to get as many points as possible.
motor-bike-night-drive drive motor bike thru scary night city
farm-bike Help this farmer drive his fast scooter back to his ranch and collect all the fruit on the way. He is a very tough young fellow so you do not have to worry about him crashing, just [...]
debris-dodger_v783647 Fly in the sky, Collect coin and power-ups and avoid incoming rocks and dont miss the gates… Enjoy this addicting Debris Dodger game…. Use arrow keys or W,S,A,D to move [...]
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