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Board Game

wordstacks Cards meet letters! You must try to make words by moving letters between the stacks. Longer words score higher, but try to use the more difficult letters for the maximum points!
solo-noble Annoyingly addictive game where the object is to remove marbles and be left with only one. Annoyingly addictive game which is easier to solve than the 36 marble solitaire game with [...]
remove-them Click and remove. Can you remove them all? Click on the group of matching colors. Bigger the group, bigger the score.
carrom-multi Based on the traditional board game popular in asia. Pot all your colour coins to win the game. Challenge your facebook friends in multiplayer mode. Place the coin by moving mouse. [...]
foodoo-hit Simple but addictive! Match the color sequences strategically so that you gather larger groups to gain more points! oh and don’t forget about the time! Play with Mouse: Foodo [...]
classic-matchstick-puzzle Flash Version for the classic Matchstick game, Matchstick Considered one of the best games to develop the thinking ability, many teacher use this puzzle to help their students to i [...]
pumpkin-dessert-with-walnuts Want to give surprise to your friends and dear ones? Let’s prepare pumpkin dessert with walnuts and serve it among them at night. It’s easy to cook. This is a popular d [...]
remove-them-christmas Match the pieces and try to remove them all. Upload you score to the world and challenge your friends on Facebook/twitter… Click and the pieces go away. Min. two pieces.
memory-experts Memorize the numbers and click them in ascending order. Blast your memory! mouse
v980722 各位朋友们,喜羊羊将带你进入数字世界,做好准备了吗? 各位朋友们,喜羊羊将带你进入数字世界,做好准备了吗?
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