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calcway 2+2=? 2×2=? How good you are in arithmetic? Each number on the board is connected by arithmetic operations with other numbers. Need move between the numbers in this order to obtain [...]
3d-alien-escape-flash-11 3D Game where you escape a alien basement. Use Arrows or WSAD to move.
new-ball 5 balls in one line will provide you with the victory. The playing field consists of a 9×9-free cells. The balls fall to the bottom.
3d-maze-escape-2-stage3d Find the castle exit. Use Arrows or WSAD to move.
Munstermind Munstermind is a code-breaking game where you try to guess the hidden code by using the hints you get for each of your attempts. Guess the code by selecting the code blocks. If the [...]
People Connect Help the peoples to connect to theirs pairs. Play the increasing difficulty levels and try to find all the matches before the time expires. Connect similar peoples together.
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