Bad Gambler

What Makes a Bad Gambler – Answer, Finally!

Learning what makes a bad gambler can be a daunting task. In fact, this is probably the one thing that every gambler fears - that he will become another statistic like the ones we see in black and white...
Online Gambling

Is Online Gambling Better Alone or Friends?

Online gambling tends to be an activity done alone but is this the best way to gamble? Should we have people with us? If you played blackjack at a local casino or game đánh bài you’d almost certainly be...

Tips for being a good gambler

With the advent of the Internet, the paradigm of sports betting has changed. It no longer happens as it has been until now, when bets were limited to the pool and some other event such as horse racing. Today it is...

Gambling: What are they and which are the most famous?

Games of chance are all those games in which the fact of winning does not depend on the player himself. This is because many other factors are involved. Such is the case of probability and statistics. These form the fundamental pillars of...


Five games that help reduce stress and anxiety

Can video games reduce stress and anxiety, and take care of our health? We offer you five relaxing and positive games, loaded with good karma...
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