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Our platform is a leading online resource providing valuable information to sports business professionals that are searching for reliable information. We help readers take their sports careers to the next level and are presenting an opportunity to write for us on sports, gaming, online gaming, and video games. We cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to sports networking, sponsorship, business, technology, media, marketing, and sales and can help individuals to get a job in the industry too.

We have a rapidly growing community of experienced professionals in the field. And, with sports write for us, we are aiming to become the largest community providing relevant information to readers. So, we are looking for well-researched and impeccably written articles on everything related to the world of sports and gaming.

If you think you have what it takes for gaming and sports write for us, get in touch with us at

Sports Write For Us
Sports Write For Us

Since our platform is constantly searching for guest authors, freelance writers, and experienced writers, we are providing an opportunity to write for us on sports, video gaming, online gaming and gaming in general. Additionally, freshers are also welcome to submit a guest post on sports that can enrich our audience. And you can provide plagiarism-free and high-quality articles on the different fields related to sports.

We Accept Guest Posts On Below Categories:

  • Sports
  • Games
  • News
  • Cricket
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  • MLB
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Write for Us – Gaming, Online Gaming, Video Gaming and Submit a Guest Post on Sports

If you think you have what it takes to write a guest post on sports, our website is the right place to get started. And, you will be presented with numerous opportunities allowing you to become an expert in the industry.

Please take a look at our submission guidelines before writing for us on sports.

Submission Guidelines

  • We accept submitted guest posts on sports that have at least 800 words.
  • The topic must be related to sports, gaming, online gaming and video gaming only. Topics that aren’t related to the industry will be rejected.
  • If your sports write for us article is published on our website, you may not use it elsewhere.
  • The title must be catchy to intrigue readers and make them want to continue reading the article.
  • Contributors must include the right headings and subheadings to define the outline before starting the article. This helps create interest among readers and increases the readability too.
  • Guest posts should not read like an advertisement. And, posts that include elements similar to a sales pitch will be rejected.

Sports Write For Us On Guidelines

  • The content should be innovative, unique and original. Also, we don’t entertain contributors that submit guest posts on sports that are already published on another website. So, we run all copies through a plagiarism checker to ensure quality before publishing them.
  • Please do not repeat phrases and lines or parts that have been written in previously published articles on a similar subject. While you can convey the same information, it’s best to do so in a different format, tone or a new pattern.
  • We only review articles that have been proofread to make sure there are no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. Articles that require extensive editing will be sent back to the writer. And, you will have to revise the article before re-submitting it to us for approval.
  • While not necessary, we reserve the right to let our editorial team edit articles to make them suitable for our platform.
  • Please do not submit articles containing affiliate, advertising or promotional links.
  • You may include an author’s bio at the end of the article within 100 words. Furthermore, you include a backlink to your website to gain organic visitors to your website and blog.
  • When you sports write for us, you need to include up to 4 high-definition images that are relevant to the article and our website. And, do not use images with a watermark of copyright issues.

What We are Looking for?

Whether a writer wants to gaming write for us, video games write for us, online gaming write for us or submit a guest post on sports, here are some important things to keep in mind.

  • Informative Articles with a Positive Voice

When contributors gaming and sports write for us, they should keep the messaging positive and inspirational. This goes a long way in adding value to our readers and in turn, our platform as well. And, if this is something you’re good at, get in touch with us.

  • Relevant Industry Experience

We value articles that are written by professionals that have experience in the industry. So, when pitching to us, tell us why you think you’re perfect for the job. Whether you’re a writer or have been working in the sports or gaming industry, we would love to hear from you and understand what sets you apart.

  • A Strong Knowledge of Industry Trends

If you think you have what it takes to submit a guest post on sports or gaming, and are updated with the latest trends, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Content Originality

Guest post contributors should keep in mind that we only accept original and unique content for our website. So, before you write for our sports blog, make sure the topic hasn’t been published on any competitor’s website. Also, be sure to follow our submission guidelines to increase the chances of getting your guest post on sports or gaming published on our website.

Why You Should Submit a Guest Post on Sports and Write for Us

We are looking for interested candidates and want to share your ideas, opinion and expertise in the field with the rest of the world. And, here are some benefits you will enjoy when you write for us on gaming and submit a guest post on sports.

  1. You Can Promote Your Brand

Our contributors have the advantage of leveraging their exposure on our website to promote their work, company and/or brand. This is possible as we allow you to include an author’s bio that will be visible at the end of the article. And, you will have the opportunity to include a backlink to your website or blog to attract readers and increase your reach. Furthermore, this will go a long way in boosting brand recognition.

  1. Have a Chance to Tell Your Story

We understand how much time and effort goes into creating each article for submitting a guest post on sports or gaming. So, we make sure that your story is presented to the right audience properly. And, when you sports, gaming, or video gaming write for us, you will have the opportunity to reach out to thousands of readers.

  1. Become a Part of Our Growing Community

When you submit a guest post on sports, video gaming or online gaming, you will become a part of our guest contributor community. And, this is a great way to submit articles as and when possible for you. So, you can either join us as a regular contributor or submit guest posts on sports and gaming occasionally. And, if you are to become a regular contributor, you can submit as many articles as you wish to every month. However, make sure you follow the guidelines mentioned above to avoid having your articles rejected.

How to Apply?

To become a part of our community, you can write to us at Furthermore, we would request you to send us some of the best examples of your work to help us get an idea of your writing skills and proficiency. It will also help us understand how you will convey your ideas to our readers. We welcome writers and experienced professionals in the industry to submit high-quality content through which they can showcase their ideas to the world through our blog.