Gambling: What are they and which are the most famous?


Games of chance are all those games in which the fact of winning does not depend on the player himself. This is because many other factors are involved. Such is the case of probability and statistics. These form the fundamental pillars of all the betting games in the world. Thus, the less likely they are to hit the higher the prize awarded to the player.

Of course, and there are other games of chance where the player’s ability can have a decisive influence. In this area we have playing cards and poker. Although the factor of chance plays a fundamental role because the cards are dealt without maintaining a specific order or rule. Everything will depend on the cards that each player touches and, from there, the game will begin to be built. This is where the player’s ability comes in.

There are other games where keen observation and player analysis are very important. Here we can talk about betting pools and sports betting, where the bettor can use a set of valuable data to find out which team is most likely to win. If you are looking for a place to make your pools safely, bet on . It is a safe game where your prize will be awarded immediately.

Any person within these types of games must possess the knowledge and experience necessary to be able to calculate possibilities and, based on that, place their bets or make the next movements within the game that is taking place.

What are the most popular games of chance?


In the first place we find the dice. This game dates back to the time of the Sumerians and Assyrians. The main idea of ​​this game is extremely simple. It is all about throwing a polyhedral (given) object onto a table. The results are determined by each of the numbers that are marked on the various faces of the die. Each die has 6 faces.

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The higher the number of dice, the less likely it is that we will hit the number we have in mind. If you roll a die there is a 16.68% probability of hitting the number. If two dice are rolled, that percentage drops to 4.76%.


This is one of the most common games in any casino. The number that each roulette has can vary depending on the casino, there are some that have 36 numbers. In others, the digits may be higher and they even have two zeros. Hitting a roulette wheel is extremely difficult since the factor of chance practically dominates the entire game. The chances of hitting by a player range from 2.7% to 5.4%.


This is one of the most popular games of chance today. Here everything depends on the odds and the choices the player makes. The statistics of the team to be bet on throughout the season must be effectively manipulated. That is, percentage of wins, draws and losses. This is the correct way to make higher profits. If you want a safe game, bet on

Slot machine

This is also an extremely popular game worldwide. Everything consists of inserting a certain amount of money into the machine so that it gives us an occasional prize. These machines are specially programmed to depend entirely on chance. In this case, the skill or experience of the player does not influence the game because everything is determined by a program.

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