The best Stardew Valley tricks to get fast money


Farmer life is not easy and neither is it in Stardew Valley , although we are talking about a video game. Now your arts of farmer and farmer will have to be transferred to the virtual terrain with the availability of the game on Nintendo Switch after its arrival previously on other platforms. And if you want to prosper in Stardew Valley, you are  not only going to have to plant and plant, but also get money.

To get a lot of money in Stardew Valley you will have to take advantage of all the hours that the program allows you virtually and also know how to take advantage of each of the seasons, because you will understand that planting in the autumn is not the same as planting in the spring, and much depends on the type of seed.

To make your farming life easier and you can prosper, we tell you many ways to make money in Stardew Valley so you can invest the money in other improvements for the farm and for the town.

The best tricks to make fast money in Stardew Valley

Here are some tips to make a quick buck in Stardew Valley , all legal and that will help you be a better farmer.

Grow the right

The best way to earn money is to save it. It will not help you to have a lot of money for the farm if you end up losing it in bad investments. That is why you must be very clear about what you should and should not plant in each of the seasons of the game.

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As you may have already imagined, you cannot grow anything, and of the cultivable some seeds work better than others depending on the season of the year in which we find ourselves.

So you should cultivate the following:

  • In spring (strawberries)
  • In summer (blueberries)
  • Autumn (crawberries)
  • Winter (nothing)

Thanks to this you can produce much more. The good thing about berries is that once they grow they will continue to produce you. In this way you will have much more merchandise to sell month by month and thus earn a lot of money without losing it.

Take advantage of your time

We already know that it is very hard to be a farmer and you will have a broken back. But since this is a video game, once you finish cultivating, take advantage of your time in things that generate more resources and, therefore, money. When you finish cultivating, it is recommended that you make a daily visit to the mine to get minerals that you can trade with later.

Also go fishing, because it will not only feed you, but also fresh money since the fish is well valued in the adventure.

Get organized at the stations

In general in the first three seasons of the year you can plant and plant, but not in winter. What you should do is leave some non-compulsory tasks for the winter, such as going to the mine or fishing in the morning. Also in winter, spend time meeting community center goals to earn rewards.

Process food

It is very good to have raw materials that you can sell and make money, but how about you process them? Fruit can give you money, but if you have the necessary machine (invest in it) you can process food and make jam or wine, and for these products they usually pay about 10 times more. So you can make a lot of money in Stardew Valley by processing food.

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Also, remember that chicken eggs are also worth making mayonnaise, which is also very well paid.

Improve the community center

When you have free time and can’t produce, invest your time in improving the community center. Once you bring to the magician Rasmodius what he asks you, you can improve the site by completing a series of packs.

Every time you complete a pack you will receive large rewards in the form of many seeds or even machinery. Also, you can locate new areas of the game and find more places to explode.

Only invest in what is necessary

There is always a habit of improving everything that can be improved, and that is a waste of resources and the main reason that you do not save. That is why you should only improve the tools you use often such as the pick or the ax, both will allow us to advance to other areas of the map with more resources and even go to the forest to get Iridium.

It is also convenient that you improve the watering can because it will allow you to finish the work of the crop in the shortest possible time and thus invest it in producing other materials that you can later sell.

These are the best ways to get fast cash in Stardew Valley to prosper as a person and as a farmer.