All about Cricket [ History, Rules, … ]


Cricket is a sport that is not very well known by the outside world being that is quite large in only 3 countries: England, India and Pakistan.

Just to get an idea, only one cricket player is among the world’s highest paid 100 athletes, but it receives an exorbitant amount of 31 million a year (27 of them being in sponsorship) making it 23’s highest-paid athlete World in 2015.

History of Cricket

This sport derives from an old sport called stoolball, and in the seventeenth century, the English nobility began to adopt more cricket as a real sport and it has been changing mutating into what it is today.

Cricket was once an Olympic sport, but it ended up leaving the program because it did not have all the rules well defined and the number of practitioners in the World was not big enough. They are currently trying to include it again, primarily as a display sport (no medals) but it is still unclear when they will get it.

Cricket Match

The game of cricket is a little complex and very different from any other sport, having very specific rules and the way you play too, although some claim that it is similar to baseball (perhaps only in some aspects).

Cricket Ground

Each team consists of 11 players, and the field does not have a defined dimension, only having as a requirement that it be broad.

It usually has an oval shape and consists of 3 zones:

Rectangle – This has two zones of it. A central zone and two ends (which have an “H”).
In the central zone of the rectangle are 2 Batting Strikers, which have a cricket bat.

At the lower end is the Launcher and at the upper end is the Receiver to catch the balls.

  • Interior Space and Outer Space – Here the 11 Defenses of the team that is to defend is distributed.

Purpose of the Game and Positioning

Each Striker Striker places himself in front of his “witchet” and while one is waiting for the ball to be sent to him by the Launcher the other Striker is waiting to run.

After the ball is thrown, the Striker will try to hit the ball as far as possible, and the following situations may occur:

  • If the ball leaves the field by air, mark 6 points
  • If the ball leaves the field but has already hit the ground, mark 4 points
  • If the ball is folded and still remain inside the field the Scouts can mark in the same one changing of positions the greater number of times. When any defender manages to catch the ball and send it to the receiver, as soon as he receives the ball they cannot change anymore. Each exchange is worth 1 point.

The distribution of defense is 2 players near the Rectangle (the Launcher and the Receiver), 4 in the Interior space and 5 in the outer space.

How to get rid of batter

There are several ways you can do this, these being:

  • Witchet Drop by Launcher

The pitcher to take the shot will take balance and end up doing it in the line of the end of the rectangle. If he can hit and knock down one of the 3 Witchet sticks after the ball has bounced once on the ground, the Scout is eliminated.

  • Flyball

As in baseball, if after the Beater sends the ball away, some Defense can get it before it touches the ground, then the Beater is eliminated.

  • Witchet Drop for Defense

If after the batter knocks the ball away and begins to make the exchanges with the other batter to score points, if a defender who picks up the ball sends from far and hits and knocks down one of the witchet sticks or sends to the receiving defense and this one to topple.

  • Defend with the Knee

If the batter defends the ball with the knee to prevent the witchet from being knocked over, then the batter will be eliminated.

How the Game Ends

In the game is defined a number of Overs by inning and a certain number of matches (one or two). An Over are 6 followed launches by a player. Once these Overs are reached by the team or are able to eliminate 10 scouts or 10 take down 10 times the witchet the match ends and the team that was attacking defends and vice versa.

At the end of all defined matches, the team with the most points wins. If there is a tie

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