Firewatch – Easter Eggs


Firewatch has some curious Easter eggs and we show them to you so you know which games the title refers to with their Easter eggs.

One of the titles of the moment is Firewatch . The popular Campo Santo adventure has earned the love of users for its deep history, but it goes much further. Its developers have wanted to pay tribute to other great titles that have inspired them and that is why Firewatch has several hidden Easter eggs . Next, thanks to the Twinfinite medium , we will show you what these curious easter eggs are and explain how to find them.


This Firewatch Easter Egg is found in the old camp. There we have to take a look at the old shelters to find the hunter’s mark engraved on a wooden plank. All a tribute to the exclusive PS4 title developed by FromSoftware that will delight all Bloodborne fans .

Go home

We can discover this Easter egg by opening Firewatch box 307 . There we find a copy of the book The Accidental Savior, written by Terrence Greenbriar. It is nothing more and nothing less than the novel written by Kaitlin’s father and Sam Greenbriar in the acclaimed adventure Go Home .

Metal Gear Solid

Possibly we are facing one of the easter eggs that Firewatch users can like the most. It can be seen early in the adventure, when we are allowed to examine Henry’s watchtower. There we can find several books, among which is The Patriors, written by Donald Anderson. A clear reference to the secret organization of the Metal Gear Solid saga and DARPA, whose boss is Donald Anderson himself.

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The Last of Us

Another one of the Easter eggs from the Firewatch boxes. This time we discovered it by opening box 303, where we stumbled upon the Eastern Colorado University sweatshirt, the same one in which Joel and Ellie go looking for the Fireflies in The Last of Us .