5 free online games to improve mental agility


Nothing better than playing to improve our ability to solve logical and mathematical problems. In this post we are going to meet 5 online games to improve mental agility and keep our brains active. And of course,  have fun at the same time.

What’s your sign

Although it is in English, it is very intuitive to understand what to do. Simply choose which symbol completes the equation that appears. It sounds easy, but it is not. This is where mental speed comes out .

Hanoi Tower

If we talk about improving mental agility, nothing better than the old game of the Tower of Hanoi . This old game can be solved with a mathematical series , but in this case we are going to do it manually. This game allows us to move the discs from one post to another, always respecting that no disc can rest on top of a smaller one. The objective is to pass all the disks in the order that corresponds to post number 3. If the game interests you, remember that the Tower of Hanoi has a very interesting history and is usually studied in mathematics.


In this Solitaire we must keep a single ball when passing one on top of the other. A classic game that in this case comes in a triangle version.

Through Walls

In Through Walls, the goal is to accommodate a three-dimensional piece to pass through a wall. Ideal to develop our capacity for visualization and spatial perception .

Flip it

Flip It is a logic game where the objective is to flip the pieces so that they are all the same color. When we choose one, it and its adjacent ones turn and change color. A classic that never goes out of style.

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