How do no Deposit Bonuses Work on Casino Sites?

How do no Deposit Bonuses Work on Casino Sites
How do no Deposit Bonuses Work on Casino Sites

Few things are more important to a gambler than understanding how a no deposit bonus works on a casino site, especially because it’s often what introduces them to casino games. No deposit bonuses are offered to attract players to online casinos and generally render their experience more pleasant and exciting. These bonuses come with certain terms, which might include paying to claim them. All the important facts surrounding the subject are clarified in this article.

Facts About no Deposit Bonuses

They are usually small, but they attract potential customers with valuable offers like free spins or simply free money. You are not required to deposit your own money first, hence the term “no deposit”. The casino site either uses these bonuses to welcome new users or to reward loyal customers. Once you’ve fulfilled the prerequisites to claim the bonus, you should be able to collect the money.

Different Types

The first type is a cash bonus, a humble welcome present to users who have signed up recently. Sometimes, existing players are eligible for these small cash bonuses as well. New players sometimes get free spins with a no deposit offer, which apply to some slot machines. These might also be available to existing users to reward them for their loyalty.

Some no deposit bonuses also come with free plays. This is a recent trend, which some people appreciate even more than no-deposit cash bonuses. A free play bonus is where you have a certain time frame, like an hour, to play for free. If you win, you can claim a real money prize.

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Claiming a no Deposit Bonus on a Casino Site

Many players are led to believe claiming a bonus is as easy as registering on a casino site and then cashing out. Alas, if only accessing the bonus was that simple! There are terms that online casinos place, usually involving requirements to bet a certain amount before you can claim the bonus. This wagering requirement isn’t the same as a deposit requirement. It may well be the case that the bonus isn’t free after all.

It all starts by registering with an online casino. Some operators require players to get in touch with customer service or support and ask for a bonus. In other cases, the user must enter a specific bonus code. You can check out these no deposit bonus codes to get an idea of what this is.

As the next step, the operator will credit the no deposit bonus. You don’t pay anything upfront, but you need to play certain games as selected by the operator and bet real money on them. Let’s say the bonus is $15 with a 10x betting requirement. You need to bet $150 to get $15. It doesn’t sound so great anymore. It’s easy to conclude that one needs to look for lower multipliers, perhaps up to a maximum of 5x.

How do Wagering Requirements Work?

Players generate credit as they play games, which doesn’t have to mean spending their own cash. Let’s have a look at a specific wagering requirement. When a bonus is aimed at an existing customer, they can use their existing credit to claim it. If they have no bankroll or it isn’t valid to fulfill the requirement, they’ll have to spend their own money. What’s more, this kind of bonus cannot be withdrawn. Once you meet the wagering terms, you can withdraw the winnings, but not the bonus itself.

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No Deposit Bonuses at Mobile Casinos

Casino websites aren’t the only platforms that offer no deposit bonuses. So do mobile casinos, which are becoming more and more popular among gambling fans. Many online casinos have created mobile apps as an extension of their site. Part of the appeal of mobile apps is precisely the bonus. In both cases, players get to keep any winnings as long as they have worked for them. But can you actually win? It’s a matter of chance. In every event, winning means you got more than you invested. If you spent $100 to claim a $10 bonus, but you hit the jackpot for $1,000, that’s a victory by anyone’s standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

The final section of this guide will look at the most common questions about no deposit bonuses.

Can existing players earn a no deposit bonus?

Yes, often in the form of free chips.

What is a cash amount in the context of a no deposit bonus?

This is a cash bonus that you must wager a certain sum to get. For more details, see our example with the 10x multiplier above. The wagering requirement is an amount either in-game currency or in cash.

Can I gamble with a no deposit bonus for free?

It depends on how you define free. You might end up paying a lot in your own funds to access the “free” no deposit bonus.

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