Casinos in Chile have been the most prominent form of gambling for quite some time. The first casinos in Chile were licensed as early as 1852. Gambling regulations have changed several times since then, but some things still remain.

The current gaming law in force was passed in 2004. A Federal Gaming Commission was created in accordance with this law. The maximum number of casinos in Chile was expanded to 24 on that occasion.

Besides casinos, there are other forms of gambling available in Chile. Sports betting is extremely popular and the country has a national lottery. Likewise, there are possibilities for poker players to show their skills.

The situation is not so clear when it comes to online gambling. The current gambling regulation prohibits the operation of online gambling sites. In fact, it states that the gambling permit in no way includes online gambling.

Despite the above, the ban on online gambling is not strictly enforced. Chileans are free to access many international gambling sites, in English or Spanish. In fact, online gambling in Chile is a thriving market. This does not surprise anyone because there is a traditional game tradition. This is exactly why the government seeks to regulate and, of course, tax online gambling.


In general, Chile today is home to a thriving and modernized casino gaming industry. Thanks to the reforms guaranteed by the 2005 Gaming Act, players there are free to enjoy their favorite games without fear of intrusion. Operators, on the other hand, enjoy the scope of benefits by providing games and services of their choice. Ultimately, the government can finance valuable community services by taxing the industry.

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However, the 2005 law explicitly prohibits online gambling of any kind in Chile. However, Chilean citizens do not seem to care, as they bet approximately USD $ 12 million each year through offshore providers.

At the moment, Chile resembles some US states in terms of online gambling laws. Players there routinely access offshore online casinos to place bets and enjoy games.

This has not escaped the attention of government officials, many of whom are interested in keeping that money “at home” for tax purposes. But despite the push to pass online gambling legislation, Chile has not yet passed the test. There are still logistical obstacles to overcome in order to pass specific laws on the subject.


The legality of online gambling in Chile it is not clearly defined by law, although it does not appear to be prohibited. There are no penalties for playing online and the Chilean government appears to intend to seek regulation rather than outright ban. There have been various proposals to license online casinos in recent years, but results from these proposals are still awaited. 

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