3 tips to keep sports pressure under control

sports pressure
sports pressure

Pressure is something that always accompanies us, sometimes more passive and imperceptible than others, but it is always present . We feel pressure to get somewhere on time, pressure to perform our job properly, pressure to meet our expectations or those of someone else, to be a good father, a good son, a good partner … and sport is obviously no exception.

Whether we practice as professionals to enter a competition, to stay in good shape, or simply as a hobby , we are under pressure. This happens because pressure is, to some extent, essential to compete .

It is an intermediate state between nervousness and being calm, but when the pressure is uncontrollable and exceeds its maximum level, it can leave us blocked and without any response .

When we train we do not feel the same as in a competition. It is by competing when the safety of an athlete can be appreciated. Pressure exists in all competition, no matter how friendly it may be, and success will surely go to whoever controls it best .

Sports pressure could be considered as a ghost created by the mind, which enhances our insecurity out of fear of the result, of uncertainty . Psychology specialists classify this type of pressure into two categories:

-External pressure . It is one that comes from factors that do not depend on us. The quality of the other competitors, the importance of the competition, the award and competing representing someone or some institution are cataloged within it.

-Internal pressure . It is what happens in our mind. Passion, thoughts, fear of losing, fear of ridicule, excess of our desire to win, or need for approval are included here.

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But don’t worry, there are ways to keep this pressure under control. At toprelaxgames we share these three tips to master that pressure:

1. Focus on the now . 

Think about the move that comes next, on the next play and forget everything you did wrong in the past or what you stopped doing. Forget also the possible scenarios if you win or lose. All that does not matter when it comes to competing, only now matters.

2. Confront reality . 

Forget the “I would have done this”, the “I should have done this” and the “I would have to do this.” Forget also the judgments of other people or competitors about you and your ability. Every athlete is smart enough to know if he is “bad” or “good”, if he needs to train more or not. Getting rid of all these ideas and prejudices will allow you to perform without pressure.

3. Don’t think too much . 

Thinking is important in most sports, true. But overthinking has multiple downsides in sports. Leave the analysis for later, during sports competition be spontaneous, take risks and act.


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