6 benefits of running on a treadmill


We know that not all runners love to use the treadmill to perform their workouts, but the reality is that this device is much better than you imagine and provides you with many benefits that you may not know.

Surely you already have a closer relationship with the treadmill because now, due to the pandemic, we all had to modify our lifestyles, as well as our way of exercising, so it is likely that day by day you use your treadmill more often than before.

Running or walking on this machine allows you to strengthen your muscles and help you maintain good health, plus it is a very effective way to get moving indoors. The best thing is, with a treadmill you will have no excuse to continue exercising.

Do you want to know what benefits running on a treadmill gives you? Keep reading:

1. You strengthen your legs

According to a report from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), doing your workouts on a treadmill allows you to increase your leg strength due to the physical effort you do on this device, since most runners they train at a slightly higher level on a treadmill, as opposed to running on asphalt.

2. You can use it as part of your rehabilitation

The treadmill can be used as a rehabilitation tool if a specific routine is put in place for it (by a professional), so that certain intensity and frequency goals can be met for that purpose. .

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3. Helps you with creativity

Running on a treadmill is probably more complicated mentally than physically, since being in the same place, seeing the same environment all the time can be tiring. However, physical activity in itself has benefits for creativity, but doing it on a treadmill allows you to have a greater flow of ideas and with it, develop creativity.

4. It is safe

Besides having the risk of catching Covid-19 when going out, there is also the possibility of having an accident or it can even be dangerous due to insecurity. Also, the treadmill surface may be safer than going outside.

5. You can run at any time of the day

Regardless of the weather, you can run at any time on the treadmill and thus not stop training for the goal you have in mind.

6. Helps you keep pace

By being able to regulate your running speed, it is “easier” to hold a steady pace, something that will probably vary if you train outdoors. This is why it’s common for you to pick up your pace in your treadmill workouts, making you more consistent and helping you regulate your speed, incline, and overall training target.

Running on the treadmill is not only an option to keep running due to the pandemic, it is a tool that will surely be part of your workouts in the future.

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