Up your boxing training with personalized wrist wraps


What’s your most valuable asset? No, not by social net worth, the one that is your key tool in realizing the dream to becoming a boxing champion? Indeed, your hand.

Which is why it the protecting the knuckles, the wrist and hand is a total is an important concern even when you are training to land in the ring one day. We’re sure this also answers your confusion over why the boxing gloves get all the hype; the ounce size, the padding type, the fit and the way these are tied around the wrists, it all boils down to giving more power to the hero of the game, your hand.

Goes without saying that the value of your hands would also be largely determined by the quality of your skill, strategy during the game and the finesse in your hand and mind coordination that is not only targeted to knocking the opponent down by also to giving spectators a game to remember – a fine mix of these is your way to glory.

The best boxing gloves for training

Let’s think together, what could possibly make or break your trust in a glove; which are the best boxing gloves for training?

  • The ounce size suits your body weight category
  • The fit is snug enough to give allow full control on your hand movement without being too tight
  • The padding protects against blows from bag work or pad work training
  • The brand you buy is reliable. InfinitudeFight for instance, is one of your go to places for online customized boxing gloves shopping, though they have over-the-counter options too but the customization they allow, is worth an investment.
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And oh, you would get an entire range of training gloves at Infinitude, from Raptor Extreme Lace Ups to Harrier Pro-Grade Hook Up category; just pick the right ounce size for your weight, select the right fit and you’re good to go with that customized training gear.

The right gear to protect your hand

So let’s say you’ve landed Infinitude to shop for your ideal, customized training gloves; well, this is where it all only begins. You are now in-charge of designing your own training gear than just the boxing gloves.

As you stepped into your passion for boxing, you must have decided why you took the decision, what was your purpose, what goal are you targeting.

  • Is glory the charm? Are you seeking to become a professional boxer?
  • Looking to lose those extra pounds around the gut and toning the body?
  • Healthier lifestyle supported by improved endurance, body-mind coordination and quicker reflexes?

The nature of activity you would be exposed to could differ by your need or the purpose of your training. For instance, a boxing workout would probably be more focused on bag work or equipment-less boxing moves, just to ensure that you are exerting the right pressure to get in the shape you have been looking for. Training to fight however, would be a mix of more rigorous activity, actually requiring you to perfect your hand movements, protecting yourself and hitting during a match through well trained body and mind coordination and excelling in your skill to win.

In either case, your coach would be most concerned about saving you against any form of injury; in the latter scenario, he would be most bothered about protecting your precious hand and other body parts while also training you on how to land a perfect blow that ensures a knock out! Thus the need for an entire protective gear which would include

  • Wrist wraps
  • Groin guards
  • Head guards
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Are wrist wraps important in boxing?

The question is but only fair. Especially when you have been investing your time and money to get the best boxing gloves for training, if the glove isn’t enough, why didn’t anybody say so?

Remember, your training sessions in boxing are a prep for the D-day, the day of the bout, but it quiet isn’t the real fight. While you are still training on excelling in your skill and strategy, you are still under a protected fighting environment where chances of a knockout are zero. Padding used for training is also often thick enough to let you train without an additional protection.

However, the bones in your hands are fragile, so much so that a heavy punches and bag work could land even the most skillful of boxers in a situation of wrist arthritis. Throwing punches in the ring without a glove is a clear no-no, but even during training or a fight, the wrist wrap is your sure shot protection for the small hand-bones, skin around the knucklesand possibility of spraining the wrist with a punch.

Guess what, you’ve got ‘em, Infinitude offering you personalized wrist wraps too. Frankly, custom made and personalized boxing gear is such a great expression of one’s own personality, the attitude, all standing out from the lot. And a brand offering you all gear in quality material and with a delivery faster than anybody else, what more could you ask for.

How well did your protective gear work for you during those training sessions, did it come in handy while you were heading to knock down the opponent in the ring? Tell us more of those details about that gory fight!

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