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9Apps Yahoo Mail
9Apps Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo Mail is certainly a prodigy of its time when it comes to email clients. From a vast number of users using this service, today it is available as an app as well. Yahoo Mail app is the best email services app for Android devices. It lets users organise and set-up a plethora of email accounts that may include mailboxes from any of the popular email-services. You can set-up your Gmail, Hotmail and even Outlook over here, a feature that not many email services today support. You can easily manage each and every single one of your emails over here for free. Yes, that’s the best thing about Yahoo Mail app – it is absolutely free of cost. So, download this app exclusively from 9Apps using the link provided.

Features of 9Apps Yahoo Mail

  • Users can link any of the popular email accounts over here. There are no restrictions to ‘Yahoo-only’ content on Yahoo Mail app. However, it works best for Yahoo sponsored email ids/profiles. Either way, it works well with all sorts of email-services like Gmail, Outlook and others.
  • This app has a one-tap option that lets you unsubscribe to email threads instantly. Unlike the trivial way where you need to manually-unsubscribe to threads, over here this can be done with just a tap.
  • Yahoo Mail app showcases all of the necessary file attachments right on the email-palette. You do not have to go through each and every single one of the emails. Furthermore, this feature is also customisable.
  • You can customize the way emails get showed/displayed on the home-screen. There are different views that can be chosen from a list of views. So, choose the one that best suits you your style.
  • Emails are organized in an orderly way where you get similar emails together under one tab. In fact, you can even select all of the travel emails, bills and other emails together over here.
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How to Download Yahoo Mail app from 9Apps

First you need to download 9Apps from the download link that is provided. After that you need to install the APK file on your device. Open 9Apps and search for Yahoo Mail (using the search bar). Once you find it – download & install it on your device.

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