Benefits of running at least 30 minutes a day


This article is special for you who are wondering whether to go for a run today or not, the answer is always: YES!
Surely you have heard or read that running is a practice with multiple benefits, and the truth is that we cannot lie to you, our sport is love. Ha ha.

Running is an activity that we learn to do as children and it is extremely rewarding mentally and physically. No matter how old you are, your gender or physical condition, running is an activity that offers you multiple benefits.

While there are many experienced runners who run several miles a week and even manage to run a marathon on no sleep, there are others who have a reduced schedule or are just starting out and can only allocate a few minutes a day to put on their tennis shoes and go jogging. million dollar question in that case would be: are the benefits the same?

Running can achieve these benefits in your body in just a few minutes a day:

Improve your physical condition

Yes, it may be the best known benefit but it is true, running or jogging, even 30 minutes a day, allows you to have a better physical condition in the medium term. Keep up with your running outings and you will soon see the results.

Restful rest

With just half an hour you can spend better nights resting correctly, which will allow you to recharge your energy to face your daily projects.

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Improve your digestion

It’s real! By just spending a few minutes on this physical practice, your digestion process will see a great improvement and you will correctly metaphorize each of the foods you eat.

More strength

As ironic as it may sound, running also helps you get stronger. Yes, the ideal would be that you combine running with strength training with weight to have better results and feel 100%, but running has many benefits not only in your body, but also in your mental strength, that very few practices help you to improve both aspects.

Greater immunity

In general, sports practice helps you improve your immune system to avoid contracting some diseases and that is a great advantage, especially in the times we are currently living. Be careful, running is not the cure for all ills, but it can do a good job.🙂

More confidence

Speaking about the mental part, running, even for short periods of time, can help you improve your confidence, since by setting goals, you can meet them and feel that you can conquer the world, which will eventually also translate into greater self-esteem. and a better mood. Everything is win-win!

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