How to improve mental health with running?

mental health
mental health

Can physical exercise help you improve your mental health, especially in times of pandemic?

Every day the world of running grows with new members (to all of them, welcome!), Some begin to travel kilometers with the aim of losing weight, improving their physical health, but very few do it due to the positive psychological effects that the sport has on mental health.
Running, and in general any physical exercise has an impact on cognitive functions for the better, not only to improve physical condition, but to regulate mood, memory and even learning.

We know that current conditions often do not allow people to attend a gym or study to practice their favorite physical activity, but running in an open space could help you strengthen your mental health, release stress, feel more spirited, sleep better and may even help you overcome some adverse experiences. Be careful, it is not the solution to the problem, for this it is ALWAYS advisable to have medical assistance with a health professional, who can help you work with your mental health.
Anxiety, depression and other mental disorders are more frequent than we think, and they are one of the main causes of disability in the world.

According to Efe Víctor Padial, expert and spokesperson for Sports Psychology at the Official College of Psychology of Eastern Andalusia (COPAO), in an interview with Runner’s World Spain magazine, a dose of moderate exercise (at least 5 times a week) it can provide peace of mind, relaxation and satisfaction, much needed in these uncertain times.

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The health emergency that is celebrating a year that began in our country, has created a perplexity scenario in all people, not only in the corridors. In reality, the future is uncertain and that generates a lot of stress in a large part of the population.

Physical exercise is an effective supplement to prevent and even extra treat a disorder of this type, since it allows you to stimulate the production of proteins that help you regulate serotonin levels, as well as increase blood flow to the brain and release endorphins.

Running is one of the most practical activities to do, since you don’t need extra equipment other than your desire to go out for miles and clear your mind a bit with a very rewarding exercise session.

In turn, cardiovascular exercise also allows you to improve the general performance of your brain, which helps you in decision-making, as well as improve your reasoning and learning.

It is known that due to confinement, a large number of people are having difficulty sleeping, but exercising, especially cardiovascular, helps improve sleep, as well as allowing you to increase your productivity when you feel unmotivated.

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