Guide and tricks of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (PC, PS4, Xbox One)


Through this general guide for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot , you will find everything you need to be the best super warrior in history, not only telling you how to defeat your opponents, but also a multitude of strategies to make money, level up, Get experience and always have the best combinations of the boards with the community emblems.

The community was expecting a great Dragon Ball game, and we finally have it here. And it is that thanks to the release of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot , we have a story arc that covers the main stories and that we have seen in the manga or in the anime.

So keep a close eye on all these tricks for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot , because there are both for started users, as well as for advanced users, and solving any doubts you have while enjoying this new video game.

Guide and Cheats for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

First of all, we advise you to read these first 15 tricks and tips before starting to play Dragon Ball Z Kakarot , since they will offer you those first ingredients that are always necessary to start each adventure on the right foot.

It is important to have our video game optimized, and if you are playing the PC version, it is good that you know how to solve a series of problems so that it goes completely smoothly .

We are going to have to farm a multitude of elements in the game, but mainly to get Z orbs and money , essential to roam our history. Related to the above, we also give you the best procedures to gain experience and level .

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All of the above is very important, but the so-called emblems have gained special prominence and we must opt ​​for the best configurations and combinations to obtain bonuses in combat . The above is also related to the community boards , which if we do it properly, will give us a large percentage of advantages in the games .

In addition to finding Z orbs and knowing how to get money, other important elements are the gifts that will help us improve community emblems.

In addition to improving the community boards, you should also maximize the training room , and we’ll tell you how it’s done.

One of the most difficult elements that you can find in the adventure is the frozen rabbit , but also the real tomato, the energetic fish and especially the golden gazelle .

As you progress through the story, you will unlock trophies and achievements , we tell you all that exist and how to obtain each one of them.

For great battles we must be well fed to get bonuses, and for that we give you all the recipes that exist so that you can create them as you wish .

Once with some experience and when we have to face the hidden bosses that we have given you all the procedure , it is important that you have previously unlocked each of the super attacks .

When you’ve finished the narrative, we’ve told you everything you can do in the Post game , and also don’t forget to check out these 15 advanced tricks for pro players .

So thanks to this guide and tricks of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot , you have all the necessary ingredients to be a true protagonist of the most famous manganime of all time.

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