Dragon Ball – All of Bulma’s designs throughout the series


Needless to say, Bulma is one of the most important characters in Dragon Ball history alongside Son Goku , right? It all started with the adventures of the pair of two, leaving us stamps to remember.

In addition, one of the essential characteristics of Bulma is her constant change of look, giving us varied outfits throughout the series. Who doesn’t remember her bunny dress or the clothes that Namek wore ?

We will say it over and over again: Dragon Ball fans are true artists. If a few days ago we showed you what the new Moro saga would look like in anime format , today we bring you a great surprise if you are passionate about Bulma. As we have stressed above, the different Bulma costumes are a classic of the series, and thanks to fans like  @ 6um , we can appreciate all of her most important manganime costumes. And in a single illustration! Look, look, it also covers even Dragon Ball Super Broly .

Far from staying on the surface, we have further investigated this peculiar idea, and before the publication of the previous illustration, another fan opted for this idea, giving birth to the art below. The artist in question is called  @MLeeLunsford  , and on this occasion, he deals with other designs that have not been taken into account in the version above, since he has also remembered Bulma’s childhood (present in Jaco’s manga ) and the occasional chapter and special magazine (such as the white gala dress). There it goes!

And so we finish off our Z delivery today! Do you like the character of Bulma? What do you think of the work these artists have done for this intrepid adventurer? Which of the two you stay? Tomorrow we will return with more news from the series at Hobby Consolas . Kai, Kai !

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