How to tame and raise horses in Minecraft


You need horses to move more safely throughout the game world, and for this you must first know where to find them, how to tame them and then how to breed them, and all the procedures are in the guide.

We give you all the keys to tame and raise horses in Minecraft , one of the most beautiful animals that you can find in the different biomes of the game, and that you are sure to want to keep as faithful friends.

Within the Minecraft fauna there are many animals, some dangerous that can do you a lot of damage, and others that you can tame to be your friends, as is the case with horses. Also, if you want to create a series of stables, you need horses that are already tamed and that will serve you to travel the world in a much faster and safer way.

Although there are many horses in Minecraft in almost all biomes, and you can find them already domesticated in villages, it is best that you find them yourself in the wild along the plains and meadows. To tame them requires a simple procedure that we will detail below, and that will be worth it later to raise horses.

How to tame and raise horses in Minecraft

Where to find horses in Minecraft

As we have discussed, you can locate horses in most open spaces and that have grass, and in general you will see them in herds of 2 to 6 units.

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You will find horses in a wide variety of colors, and those colors will then be passed on to your children, something that may interest you in horse breeding.

How to tame horses in Minecraft

The truth is that it is quite easy to tame horses if we compare it with other animals, and basically what you should do is locate the horse that interests you and that is preferably alone, go completely unarmed and without any object in your hands, get close and ride over.

At first when you get on the horse it will kick you out, but this is a normal process. Simply repeat the procedure of riding the horse over and over until finally it no longer throws you to the ground, which is when little hearts come out.

How to raise horses in Minecraft

It is also a fairly simple process, and for this you must find two horses of the color combination that you like the most. So look for two horses of the aesthetics you are looking for, tame them, and once they are tamed you should put them together in a small space that is closed.

Once you’ve built a fence and tucked these already domesticated horses inside, you should feed them golden carrots or golden apples until they breed. Note that horses must wait at least five minutes before they can breed again.

Foals have a 44% chance of looking like their parents, and an 11% chance that they will come out of a completely different color.

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