The best apps to play online with friends and family

play online
play online

The games are a fun way to hang out, especially in these times when we have to spend enough time at home . But if you are far from your family and friends and want to reconnect with them to have a laugh, the applications can save your life. That is why we bring you the list of the best applications that allow you to play with friends and spend great moments remotely.

Clash royale

From the creators of the classic Clash of Clans comes … Clash Royale! Clash Royale is a card game in which troops, characters, animals or spells appear and you have the objective of using them well to defeat your opponent. It is an online and multiplayer game, therefore you will not be able to stop playing with your friends and you will bring out your more competitive side.

Game pigeon

If you are very indecisive and do not want to get hooked on any specific game, Game Pigeon is your ideal application, in a single app we have more than 20 different games. Game Pigeon offers up to 26 multiplayer games (billiards, cards, sports …) for iPhone or iPad. The application is accessed from iMessage by selecting the contact with whom we want to start an online game and from there we can choose the game. Easy, fun and entertaining!


Has a mustache? He wears a hat? Has blue eyes?

The mythical game ‘Who’s who?’ already has a digital version!

It offers both a solo and a duel version. Now you can relive childhood by uncovering the identity of all its characters based on answering questions ‘yes or no’.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The Nintendo game that became the best-selling game for the Nintendo DS consoles and that allows a quiet and relaxed life full of fishing and virtual friends. Let you invite your friends and you can plant in your garden and create your own home.


In the Top 1, without a doubt, is HouseParty. This game basically works in the form of a joint video call, so you can connect with several friends at the same time, up to 8. They are added directly through your contacts and it has several integrated games: Trivial, Pictionary, Who it’s who (but with the card format on the forehead where you have to guess what you are through the clues of your friends) and the ‘Chips and Guac’ (a word association game).

Parcheesi Star

Parcheesi Star is the typical ludo game, but it is quite famous worldwide and gives you the possibility to connect your Facebook friends, so you can play with whoever you want by inviting them to a table. In addition, it has chat, so you not only limit yourself to playing, but you can talk with who you are playing and, why not, if you are winning, brag. 

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