Upcoming updates in BGMI 2.8

BGMI 2.8

The highly anticipated BGMI update is fast approaching and fans are eager to dive into the new content and features it will offer. Based on leaks and insider info, the BGMI 2.8 update is right around the corner and is shaping up to be a game-changer, packed with some highly requested modes, collaborations, and gameplay tweaks. Let’s take a look at everything this upcoming BGMI update has to offer.

Zombie Mode

Easily one of the most exciting additions is the Zombie mode. This PvE mode will transform Erangel into a zombie-infested battlefield with new enemies and mechanics to master. High-risk zones like the Aerolith Lab and Zombie Outposts will offer rare loot if you can survive the undead. But be ready to face lethal zombies like Rippers, Berserkers, and more that will challenge your survival skills.

Bringing back Zombie mode is sure to thrill BGMI players who missed blasting through hordes of the undead. It’s an easy way to shake up the classic battle royale formula. Those who make it out alive can look forward to some sweet, exclusive rewards too.

Collaboration With Hardik Pandya

Another big news is that popular Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya will be arriving in BGMI! The game has officially announced an upcoming collaboration with the star cricketer HP33. This likely entails Pandya’s in-game character skin, voice packs, and other branded content related to the cricket icon.

Having a globally recognized Indian sports star like Pandya join BGMI is sure to excite fans. Players eagerly wait to see what he will bring to the character roster. Don’t be surprised if some energetic Pandya emotes also make it into the game to show off those sweet chicken dinners.

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Season 13

No major update would be complete without a new season of course. We can expect the rollout of C5S13 right after the 2.8 update arrives. That means an updated Royale Pass brimming with fresh cosmetic goodies. Complete missions, rank up and earn those themed outfits and accessories. A ranking reset and changes to competitive play for the new ranked season are also par for the course.

Weapon Balance Changes

Rather than new guns, the 2.8 update looks to bring key balance tweaks to existing weapons. This entails adjustments to damage, recoil, reload speed, and other attributes to improve overall weapon viability. Underused guns could see buffs to make them more competitive. Whereas popular dominators like the M416 might get nerfed in the name of balance. These weapon-tuning changes will breathe new life into the meta.

Lots of awesome upgrades are in store with the BGMI 2.8 update. From zombie mayhem to brand promotions and weapon changes, get ready to battle it out in version 2.8! Be sure to keep up with the latest BGMI news to know when this exciting update officially drops. 

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