You Can’t Catch Up to New York Giants

New York Giants
New York Giants

The New York Giants has been a disappointment the last two years, which has fans and analysts wondering what is wrong with the club. It seems that on any given Sunday no matter where you go people are either talking about the Super Bowl or the Giants’ struggles. So why do they keep losing big games when they could just turn things around and make a statement the next time they play?

One of the main reasons the Giants haven’t been able to put it together this year is that they aren’t a very good running team, at least not from the standpoint of being able to score points. Last year there were concerns about the lack of depth at running back, but the team finally added a real number 1 option in Andre Johnson. Unfortunately, injuries have been an albatross around the Giants’ neck all year, and they just don’t seem to be able to overcome the problems. The offensive line has been terrible the entire year and it has been ineffective on all levels.

The passing game has also been ugly the entire year, which is surprising considering the additions of Beckham and Ruellner. These two stars have brought some excitement to the Giants’ offense, but the overall production has just not been there. The receiving unit has been even more ineffective than the running game, which has to worry the coaching staff. If these two star receivers can’t produce to their abilities, then will the Giants be able to keep winning.

It is easy to lose confidence when the season starts missing key contributors. This hasn’t been the case with the defensive players for the entire year. Justin Tuck has missed most of the year with a back injury, Lahern Stewart has been ineffective on the field and even injured his ankle in week one. Every starter has missed time with injuries, which is a huge concern for any NFL team. The defense has been out-manned all year and needs to improve if the Giants want to go into New England and win.

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The offense is another story. Manning is coming off of one of the best seasons in his career, but he has not been able to reproduce the same efficiency he had last year. He is completing less passes, but more plays, which is leading to the drop-off in his completion percentage.

The running game is terrible too. Beckham, Rice, and Punter have been ineffective this year, but none of them have been effective in catching the football. Rice has been average at best, while Beckham and Punter have been terrible at their jobs. Manning should try to throw the ball more to his teammates, but he cannot do that with Rice both unable to hold onto the pigskin. The running game is bound to improve with a healthy Rice and Beckham, but it will take an entire season to get things clicking.

One player that people often overlook when discussing the New York Giants as they prepare to play the unbeaten New England Patriots in what should be a very tight affair, is rookie standout Rueben Foster. Foster has played well so far, but he needs to continue to perform well on a consistent basis to make any type of impact in this offensive line. If he is consistently allowing sacks on the edge, then he is not doing his job very well. This is a crucial position for the Giants to address this year.

Despite the struggles of the passing game and the overall inability of the team to score any points, there are still bright spots. First and foremost, the defense has been phenomenal all year long, allowing just a pair of turnovers in each game this season. Also, there are many key players on the offensive line that have played well, despite the loss of both Laurent Robinson and Travis Shene and some key free agent pickups by the Giants. If the Giants can continue to play solid football from top to bottom, there is no reason why they cannot win this year’s Super Bowl. This is an exciting team to watch and one that could make some noise in the playoffs.

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