The esports are a booming industry. They already were before this unprecedented pandemic, but during it they have shown that they have unique wickers and characteristics . Not in vain have their exposure and audience figures increased exponentially and after the hardest part of the confinement they have managed to retain a large part of the audience that approached them.

But all that glitters is not gold. Faced with the crisis that looms in the coming years, no industry is free from this situation affecting it, and esports are no exception. But it is no less true that it has mechanisms that will allow it to better weather this situation and become, even more so, an industry of the future.

And that is where esports managers play a fundamental role . The sector is very young and despite the fact that its professionalization has exploded in the last five years, there is still much to be done. Most of those inside have learned, and learn daily, from the famous (and useful) trial and error method. Except now mistakes can be really expensive.

On the other hand, its growth is enabling existing talent in other areas and industries to already look favorably on the sector . This was unthinkable a few years ago, not because the sector was not interesting, but because maintaining the purchasing power that other more developed sectors could provide you was very complicated. Today it is already feasible and we are seeing it reflected in the fact that great managers of large renowned companies are jumping into the sector .

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Therefore, and in view of the years to come, a window of opportunity is created to continue professionalizing the sector. And the best way to do it is by combining these situations. Making sure that the people who have set up the sector can grow professionally, and that the talent that comes from abroad understand how the sector works, its peculiarities and unique aspects, in order to successfully apply their previous experiences.

And that’s where Esports Professional comes in 7 editions already . From the first in February 2018 to this seventh that starts on March 8, we have trained more than 150 experts in esports management  This 7th edition of the esports expert course is still marked as we have seen by this unprecedented situation in our history. Its consequences in the sector (relationship with brands, lack of face-to-face events, redefinition of actors) are now beginning to be seen. 

And that’s why we also have to adapt. From the content of our modules, which we will undoubtedly adapt to the changing realities that are taking place in our industry, we aim, now more than ever, to do our best so that whoever wants it, can be trained with guarantees in a sector that, far from fainting, is going to take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself to evolve. 

Our online format and the experience accumulated in 6 editions have not only allowed us not to be affected by this problem, but in the last two editions we have redoubled our efforts in the face of the confinement we experienced and we have provided more content than ever. That will continue to be our “leitmotive” in this new edition, to continue improving an already consolidated course while we will continue to increase our content offer with more actors and more Master Classes that can offer us a realistic vision of the new panorama that opens up to us. 

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We have the base and we grow on it: some leading teachers in the sector who have managed to make esports their source of life, without a doubt an achievement. A community of incredible alumni that we continue to support even after they have finished their academic years with us. The support of partners and media leaders in the industry as Esports Bureau, the Digital Content Polo Malaga, Sirocco Media, etc . A combination of flexibility, because work comes first, but at the same time demanding so that you leave prepared and with guarantees of finding a professional opportunity in a tremendously competitive environment.

And of course, continue to promote one of our hallmarks: personalized mentoring of students to help them with their professional careers. Now more than ever it will be necessary for them to be more competitive and because the sector, yes or yes, will need managers to help it grow in new circumstances, and those will have to be you and you. 

Esports are here to stay, they will continue to grow and transform and they need experts to help shape their future. We hope to earn your trust and count on you in this 7th edition so that you can be one of those leaders in the sector in this new stage.

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